Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Life With Christ

Col. 3:3-"For ye are dead , and your life is hid with Christ in God"
  Saints we as believers have been called to be the beloved of God, his elect who really believe and trust Jesus Christ as our savior.By the grace of God we have been given new life. By surrendering our life to Christ,God has forgiven us our sins, and he now accepts us in Christ death and resurrection.Now thru the resurrection of Christ, God has blessed us with heavenly blessings which should occupy our every praise and thanksgiving.Christ resurrection shows us that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. By it we know by faith that we have been raised to a new life, that we are saved and justified, given power to live victoriously over sin and the trials of this world.We are given hope, even the hope of glory, and we are guaranteed our own resurrection.God takes our faith in Jesus,and counts it as righteousness,our faith in Jesus makes us one with Christ giving us union with him, so when he died and rose again,we to by faith,died and rose a new creature in Christ.Having a new life with a new heart. A heart ruled by the peace of Jesus Christ, a peace that passes all understanding. A peace which binds us ,joins us, and weaves us together,that we are assured , confident, and secured in the love and care of God.This peace strengthens, encourages, guides, substains ,delivers, saves, provides,and gives us real life, a new life in Christ.This peace makes us one with Christ and his word.This new heart is rich with the word of Christ. His Gospel taking root in the heart to furnish us with all the wealth of its commandments, promises, instructions and warnings that we might have real love one to another, as we do everything in the name of Jesus.To the redeemed Christ is all in all, he is everything and all that matters, for we have died to everything else,and now we live a life hid with Christ in God


  1. Thanks to the love of Jesus all that i use to be is dead and i can claim a new life hid in Christ with God. So the things i use to do i don't do no more.

  2. I am a new creature in Christ, old thing are passed away, behold all things are become new, look at me!

  3. Now, let's try this again... I am so thankful. But for the Grace of GOD there go I. The light that you see that shines so bright through my Smile, Laughter, a Kind Word or a Good Deed to someone in Need... that's All attributed to the Newness & Freshness that GOD delivers to me Daily for me to only take what I NEED, then share and spread it with others. I can not be selfish and attempt to hoard, because he reNews me Daily.... I LOVE the LORD HE HEARD MY CRY and PITTIED EVERY MOAN....